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Thank you for your interest in becoming a journalist at News For Shoppers.

The NFS Experience!

News For Shoppers is a fantastic opportunity for both new and experienced consumer-oriented journalists!

Our goal at NFS is to provide timely, useful and interesting information to shoppers, consumers, and product fans – and to have fun and make money while doing so!

We need experts in one or more of these consumer topics:

– Tech/Computers
– Amazon
– Banking Products
– Concerts
– Gaming
– Motorcycles
– Music
– TV Shows/Networks
– Credit Cards
– Travel Deals
– Pet Products
– Diet Products
– Social Sites
– Consumer Alerts
– Apple, Mac, iStuff
– Target
– Microsoft
– Food & Grocery
– Movies
– Cruises
– Health Products
– Cars
– Best Buy
– Reality Shows
– iTunes
– Gas Cards
– Insurance
– Apps
– Couponing
– Restaurants
– Disney/Amusement Parks
– Streaming Services
– Home Buying
– Loans
– Fashion
– Smartphones
– Rewards Programs
– Walmart
– Game Stop
– Deals & Sales
– … and more!

Benefits include:

✓ Revenue Sharing – contributors receive a 70% (50% during training) revenue share on their stories here at NFS. We use Google AdSense as part of our revenue sharing program. Google will track the results and pay you directly. If you have an AdSense account you can start earning money immediately. If you do not have an AdSense account, you will need to qualify for one first. For more about our AdSense/revenue sharing program and information on getting an account – click here.

✓ Exposure – the majority of our news stories appear in both Google News and Bing News. Your articles will often be read by hundreds to thousands of people. The more you connect with readers, the more useful your articles, and the smarter your web writing, the more traffic you will get.

✓ Education – you’ll have access to our exclusive, journalists only, training materials. You will learn the difference between news stories and feature articles. You’ll learn about SEO, Google News, and Bing News. You’ll learn about adding value to your stories, making them useful to your readers, and making them stand out from a crowd.

✓ Contacts – you will be able to leverage your position as an NFS journalist to contact companies, press agents and sources. You’ll use these relationships to strengthen your stories and build your expertise.

✓ Publicity – along with adding your social network sites to your bio, you can also include a link to your own site or blog (it does need to be family friendly).

✓ A Byline – we celebrate our journalists at NFS. You’ll have your own byline and a journalist page with your bio and an index of the stories you’ve written here!

✓ Reputation – we encourage you to build – your – brand. In addition to your byline, bio, and links to your own site, you can include links to your social networks. We want you to become a consumer guru!

✓ Stats – you’ll be able to see just how many readers you have, where they came from, and how they found your stories. This is critical in learning what your readers want and how they discovered you.

What We Expect From Contributors:


• A journalism degree is not required – however, you need to be able to write solid articles in a news style with correct grammar.
• You need to know your topic very well and be able to write with authority. You are the expert, passing your knowledge, news, and analysis on to our readers.


• We provide solid, original, useful, information. Value often lies in looking at a story from a consumer perspective.
• Our coverage is unbiased. You can not include commission/affiliate links in your stories. We report on products and stores, we don’t promote them.
• NFS journalists are ruthless, but fair. There are awesome new opportunities for consumers out there. There are dangers as well. We report both. You need to be willing to investigate, probe the facts, read the terms, ask questions, and get to the truth.


• We ask that NFS journalists write at least one new article each week to stay active. You may write as many as 3 per day. The more you write, the more you will learn and earn.
• We also ask that you participate in our community activities and trainings on a regular basis. There are certain things you need to know to be a successful journalist here at News For Shoppers. We will share those things with you – but it may take some time, practice, and work on your part to learn how to best take advantage of this opportunity.

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