Wii U Basic Model Disappearing From Online Retailers

Wii UThe basic 8GB Wii U model seems to be vanishing from online retailers such as Best Buy, Target, and GameStop.

Spotted by the GoNintendo community, anyone looking to pick up a new white Wii U for $299 at the previously mentioned sites are out of luck, as only the black 32GB deluxe model is available, for $349.99.

While Target and Best Buy are only selling the deluxe Wii U console by itself or as a bundle, a refurbished version of the basic model is available at GameStop for $279.99.

On Amazon–who apparently has a bitter feud with Nintendo–only two basic Wii U consoles are currently stocked through its third-party retailer.

The basic Wii U and ZombiU bundle are also being sold at Walmart as a personalized package for $369.99, but news of its UK-affiliate store Asda dropping the console has some fearing Walmart could do the same.

While Nintendo brushed off past talk of the basic Wii U model being discontinued as retailers “rebalancing” their stock, the system’s sudden removal from big-named online stores has re-opened the possibility.

In light of the Wii U disappointingly selling only 160,000 units worldwide  in the last three months and word of a bundle featuring The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD on the way, there’s now a stronger chance that the basic Wii U model will soon get the axe.

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