Top 20 Most Dangerous U.S. Highways

Five years worth of accident statistics have been compiled to identify the deadliest interstate highways in the United States.

The new report, from The Daily Beast, used the data to identify the roads that have experienced the most deaths, mile for mile. The interstates were broken up by state, each section in an individual state being its own section. The number of fatal accidents were divided by the number of miles in that section.

The top 20 are listed below:

#1, I-95, Florida

#2, I-76, New Jersey

#3, I-4, Florida

#4, I-15, California

#5, I-10, California

#6, I-59, Louisiana

#7, I-94, Illinois

#8, I-93, Massachusetts

#9, I-95, Delaware

#10, I-55, Tennessee

#11, I-12, Louisiana

#12, I-81, West Virginia

#13, I-35, Texas

#14, I-45, Texas

#15, I-75, Florida

#16, I-80, California

#17, I-64, Missouri

#18, I-10, Arizona

#19, I-95, New Jersey

#20, I-80, New Jersey

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Top 20 Most Dangerous U.S. Highways
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