The Good Lie & The Two Faces Of January – Now At Redbox

This week’s Redbox releases include The Good Lie, The Two Faces Of January, Catch Hell, White Bird In A Blizzard, and Rudderless.

The Good Lie is the 2014 drama about an employment agency counselor who helps four Sudanese refugees given the chance to resettle in America.

Reese Witherspoon, Corey Stoll, Arnold Oceng, Ger Duany, and Emmanuel Jal star in The Good Lie.

The Two Faces Of January is the 2014 thriller based on the 1964 Patricia Highsmith novel of the same name.

When two tourists in Greece befriend a con artist, their loyalty is put to the test when a private detective is found dead in their hotel and all of the signs point to them as being responsible for murder.

Viggo Mortensen, Oscar Isaac, Kirsten Dunst, David Warshofsky, and Daisy Bevan star in The Two Faces Of January.

Next up is Catch Hell, starring Ryan Phillippe.

When a former Hollywood actor is kidnapped and tortured during the filming of a new movie, he must rely on his smarts in order to find a way out.

Russ Russo, Joyful M’Chelle Drake, Tig Notaro, and Skipper Landry co-star in Catch Hell.

White Bird In A Blizzard is the 2014 drama based on the novel of the same name about a girl who uncovers the truth surrounding her mother’s mysterious disappearance.

Shailene Woodley, Eva Green, Christopher Meloni, Shiloh Fernandez, and Gabourey Sidibe star in White Bird In A Blizzard.

Rudderless is a music-filled drama that tells the story of a grieving father who forms a band after discovering his deceased son’s demo tapes and lyrics.

Billy Crudup, Anton Yelchin, Felicity Huffman, Selena Gomez, and Laurence Fishburne star in Rudderless.

Additional releases this week include Breathe, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, The Ouija Resurrection, Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Tough Love, and Wolves.

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