Retailers Open Doors Earlier On Black Friday

Alarms are set extra early this year as many retailers are opting to open their doors to Black Friday shoppers even earlier than years past.

Some stores will not even wait for the leftovers to get cold as they start their special sales on Thursday. Toys-R-Us will be opening its doors at 10 pm on Thanksgiving to kick off the holiday selling season. Walmart and Old Navy will both have specials beginning at midnight. Even with the early opening, the stores will have special doorbusters that do not kick in until regular hours begin in the morning. But many of their deals will start long before the other stores open their doors.

Some retailers opted to add a few hours to the biggest shopping day of the year. Some of them are opening for business as early as 3am this year to kick off their Black Friday event.

It is projected that the crowd at the stores will increase this year over years past. 138 million people are expected to be out and about on Black Friday as opposed to the 134 million last year.

Those who consider themselves professionals at Black Friday shopping recommend that shoppers be prepared before beginning their journey out. They advise plenty of rest beforehand and a game plan on where to shop and what is being purchased. This is not a day for browsing the aisles leisurely.

For those planning to brave the crowds here is a list of major retailers and what time their doors will open:

Best Buy:  5 am- but they will be handing out tickets at 3 am

JC Penney: 4 am

Kmart: 5 am

Kohls: 3 am

Macy’s: 4 am

Old Navy: Midnight Thursday

Radio Shack: 5:30 am

Sears: 4 am

Staples: 6 am

Target: 4 am

Toys-R-Us: 10 pm Thursday

Walmart:  Midnight Thursday with some doorbusters at 5 am.

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Retailers Open Doors Earlier On Black Friday
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