Kennedy TV Specials: What To Watch On The Anniversary Of The Assasination

JFK Specials on TV remember his life and death.There are a number of TV specials about Kennedy’s life and assassination today and tomorrow.


The highlight of tonight’s coverage may well be The Assassination of President Kennedy on CNN at 9 PM. This is actually a rebroadcast. It originally aired last Thursday and is the first episode in a series called “The sixties.”

There are a couple of new documentaries as well.

The Discovery channel will air JFK: The Lost Tapes, at 7 PM. According to the network, it will include “recently released recordings from Air Force One following the assassination”.

H2 will have The Lost Kennedy Home Movies – home movies from Kennedy’s childhood and adult life, at 8 PM.

Also beginning at 8 PM, Turner Classic Movies will air four documentaries recorded during Kennedy’s life and immediately following the assassination. The 1960’s documentaries include the first ever candid shots of a president working in the White House. They cover Kennedy from the presidential primaries to the funeral.

At 10 PM, H2 will have a rebroadcast of a 2009 documentary detailing Lyndon B Johnson’s assumption of power, The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After.


ABC’s Good Morning America will have live coverage from Dallas beginning at 7 AM.

At 1:48 PM, will stream their original Nov. 22, 1963, coverage of the assassination online.

The movie Killing Kennedy, based on a book by Bill O’Reilly, will air at 4 PM on NatGeo.

NBC, CBS, and ABC will all have special JFK coverage during their 6:30 PM news broadcasts.

At 8 PM the History Channel will show JFK: The Definitive Guide. It will include a look at a survey they conducted on what Americans think happened on that fateful day.

Also at 8 PM is Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis, which airs on the Military Channel.

It 9 PM on NBC is Tom Brokaw’s Where Were You: The Day JFK Died.

Also at 9 PM –  HBO will be rebroadcasting a 2009 documentary JFK: In His Own Words. Pierce Morgan will be hosting Special: The John F. Kennedy Assassination, on CNN.

At 10 PM is the History Channel’s Lee Harvey Oswald: 48 Hours to Live.

At  Nightline

What Kennedy specials are on you and your family’s must watch list?

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