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Why is it free?

We are growing our site and building a coalition of savvy consumers. As part of that effort, we want to give our members something special, something real, that they can use to save money and be treated as a VIP. It costs us money up front to offer this program, but we think our members are worth it!

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Use your blog, site, Facebook, Twitter, or just talk to friends in real life. Visit NFS regularly, check out our articles, leave comments. Participate in our soon to be released forum. If you’re an expert on a consumer or entertainment topic, consider writing at NFS!

Will my email address and personal information be protected?

Absolutely. We value the privacy of our members. The first time you log into your perks and discounts page, our benefits provider will request permission to access your membership information to confirm you are an NFS member and to provide information and discounts specific to your location. Otherwise, short of a subpoena, neither NFS nor our benefits partner will share your membership information with any third party without your express consent.

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