Houston Marathon, Half Marathon, 5k: 2011 Results

The Houston Marathon was run under cloudy skies and rain today – but without the feared lightening storm

The rain didn’t slow down Bekana D. Tolesa. He came in at 2:07:04, the fastest time in the world for 2011, and the third course record in a row for the Houston Marathon, according to runblogrun.com. This was Tolesa’s 2nd career marathon, he placed 12th in Amsterdam last year.

 6,728 runners started the marathon, and 9,114 started the half marathon, with temps in the low 60’s (f). As the race progressed, the rain came down harder and harder. 

Mamitu Daska came in first in the woman’s marathon, at 2:26:33, after fending off a strong run by Ashu Kasim.

Unofficial results released by the Chevron Houston Marathon for 2011, so far:

Men’s Marathon

Bekana D. Tolesa (18M) 2:07:04
Nicholas Arciniaga (32M) 2:11:30
Wilfred K Murgor (34M) 2:11:41
Rob Watson (9M) 2:16:17
Jesse L Davis (201) 2:18:47

Women’s Marathon

Mamitu Daska (29F) 2:26:33
Ashu Kasim (1F) 2:27:47
Stephanie E Rothstein (4F) 2:29:35
Belainesh Z Gebre (3F) 2:34:47
Selamie Getnet (5272) 2:36:34

Men’s Half Marathon

Jeffrey Eggleston (21007) 1:08:26
Luis A Armenteros (1) 1:11:56
Mario Delgado (21117) 1:11:59
Chris J Layman (21013) 1:12:47
Steve Imig (21009) 1:13:04

Women’s Half Marathon

Colleen De Reuck (24) 1:16:19
Leah Thorvilson (26669) 1:18:50
Margaret M Lyons (21260) 1:19:57
Diana Hirst (26407) 1:21:09
Janessa J Dunn (21084) 1:22:45

Men’s 5k

Carlos D Arias (53756) 0:16:23
Aaron M Swift (53767) 0:17:24
Caleb J Clanton (52540) 0:17:24
ELADIO S PEREZ (52878) 0:17:45
Kevin R Pool (53035) 0:17:55

Women’s 5k

Liz Reyes (52435) 0:18:34
Cristina Gomez (53268) 0:18:40
Courtney D Haggard (53796) 0:19:39
Karen Campbell (51093) 0:19:59
Leah Richmond (50734) 0:20:11

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Houston Marathon, Half Marathon, 5k: 2011 Results
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