NFS Update: Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving and apologize for being a bit AWOL from lately.

    I have so much to be thankful for this year.

    As many of you already know, my house was flooded by Hurricane Matthew.

    For the last six weeks or so my family has been through a whirlwind of cleaning out and throwing away most of our furniture and stuff, tearing out walls and floors, disinfecting, mildewciding, dealing with insurance adjusters, building inspectors, contractors, city and county regulations, and… after all this, it looks like the damage is so extensive we will have to demolish the house and rebuild.

    But I am soooooo very thankful to family and friends that have done so much to help us out.

    We were loaned a travel trailer than we are living in for now. Our homeschool coop has been providing a big casserole to us each week. Family, neighbors and volunteers have been to our house to help with the cleanup and teardown of walls and floors. We had flood insurance so eventually everything – should – work out as we rebuild (final numbers aren’t in yet). It’s just a long process.

    And then there’s YOU!

    I am so thankful to our News For Shoppers writers and members that have kept NFS going while I’ve been dealing with all this! You’ve been posting stories, reading articles, new members have been signing up and taking advantage of our program with Abenity discounts. It’s been awesome!

    I had just gotten our new forum going and we don’t have many posts there yet – but if you find some particularly great Black Friday deals, please be sure to share them! The forum is at:

    Of course, if you run into any consumer issues, good or bad, please post them as well. Especially if they are Black Friday related.

    To start a new thread, click here.

    If you are a writer, be sure to stop by the newsroom every once in a while to say “hi!”.

    If you are a new member and would like to consider writing articles on NFS, please see:

    And of course – please tell your family and friends about News For Shoppers. Let them know they can join for free and take advantage of our partnership with Abenity to get some amazing discounts at local stores and restaurants! The more you share the better. We have about four months to decide if this is popular enough to keep – so be sure to let others know about it!

    Again, thank you all for your support of News For Shoppers. Our goal is to build a community of people-helping-people save money, avoid scams, get good deals, have fun, and get the most out of their shopping and entertainment time and money! I’m very thankful to have you as a part of our community!

    Have a great Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday! Be sure to catch all the latest shopping and entertainment news at

    Editor, News For Shoppers

    PS: remember that to use your Abenity discounts, you go to and log in, then use the Abenity link at the top of the page. That’s your gateway to thousands of discounts and coupons you can use at local stores and restaurants.

    There is an issue with the ‘forgot your password?’ link right now, so if you have trouble and need a new password, just drop me an email and I’ll reset it for you!

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