Evasi0n Jailbreak Stats: 40 Million Page Views, 5 Million Unique Visits

It’s been two days since the release of the Evasi0n iOS untethered jailbreak, and boy it sure has turned heads with the download statistics.

Now there’s another big stat revealed by a member of the evad3rs team; pod2g.

According to the information posted on his blog, the website has received 40 million page views in the last few days, out of which 5 million were unique.

Here’s the traffic percentage received country wise;

  1. China – 2,991,211 (20.12%)
  2. United States – 2,508,269 (16.88%)
  3. France – 860,355 (5.79%)
  4. Germany – 789,878 (5.31%)
  5. Italy – 666,669 (4.49%)
  6. United Kingdom – 540,544 (3.64%)
  7. Russia – 500,908 (3.37%)
  8. Spain – 385,005 (2.59%)
  9. Canada – 327,255 (2.20%)
  10. not set – 268,004 (1.80%)

The iOS and Cydia developer was also pleased to see his country on number 3.

China being number 1 isn’t a surprise, as there are many talented Cydia app developers coming out of the country. The country was responsible for almost 3 million visitors.

The stats show the popularity of an iOS untethered jailbreak, and this one was released after a long wait.

Will you update on the latest firmware now that the jailbreak is available? Feel free to leave comments.

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