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When reviewing applications, we look for several traits:

  • The ability to write original, useful, informative posts in a news journalism style.
  • Knowledge and experience in a consumer topic/issue.
  • Knowledge of basic SEO principles.
  • Excellent grammar and an attention to details.

Please keep these items in mind as you complete the application.

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Primary Topic(s) of Interest

What consumer topics are you an expert in?

Note: you will not be limited to these topics, but they would be your primary focus. Do not be concerned if you see others writing in your topic of choice. Multiple reporters can write within the same topic area.

Knowledge & Experience:

Please describe your knowledge and experience in your topic area(s). Are you a rabid fan? Do you work in or have your studied this subject? Have you reported on this topic on another site?

If you already write about your topic, participate in related forums, maintain a related blog/website, or post about it on social media, please provide links to your work.

Please write a minimum of 150 words and proof well before you submit your application. This and the following section will be used to judge your writing ability.

Staying Up To Date:

How do you stay current and up to date on your topic(s)?


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Social Networks

Do you currently have any active social networks (twitter, FB, etc) that you can use to help promote your own articles in addition to what we do through NFS? If so, please provide details.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting this application, you certify that you understand and agree to the following: You are applying to be a contributor to News For Shoppers (NFS). As a contributor, you are not an employee nor an independent contractor of NFS. The revenue sharing program available to NFS contributors relies on a third party (Google) which tracks earnings and issues payments based on their own policies of which NFS has no control. NFS does not guarantee that contributors will earn revenue. NFS reserves the right to change/discontinue/replace the revenue sharing program if needed in the future. Published contributions become property of NFS and will remain on the site for an indefinite period of time. NFS reserves the right to remove contributions and/or discontinue its relationship with individual contributors at any time.