About NFS

News For Shoppers is published by Andrews Net Publishing, which was founded in 1996 with the goal of helping consumers navigate the new (at that time) world of online shopping.

Since then, Andrews Net Publishing has continued to help both consumers and webmasters. Our content, from consumer and entertainment columns, to international time, date, and currency tools, to local weather conditions for thousands of localities, is quietly syndicated to thousands of websites around the world.

Launched early in the summer of 2010 as Sure Start News, and later renamed News For Shoppers, NFS is the news arm of Andrews Net Publishing. Through this site, our dedicated journalists provide reports and analysis on current events that are of interest to shoppers and consumers.

The cooperative writing atmosphere that News For Shoppers fosters allows our journalists to mutually support and assist each other. This team based approach results in unique and interesting perspectives that add value to each news report.

We are always interested in talented writers that would like to join our team. Visit: Write For NFS.