The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dragonborn – Pre-Orders Open!

There is good news for PC Skyrim fans.

Dragonborn DLC is now available for pre-orders through Steam.

Xbox 360 players enjoyed playing the game, and it’s finally coming to PC. The game was put up for pre-orders over the weekend, at a price of $19.99.

The third DLC takes place in Solstheim, rather than Skyrim.

Players get to find new items, fight new enemies and meet the first Dragonborn.

Facing off against the first Dragonborn will require players to use new spells, such as revealing the inner power of a dragon through Dragon Aspect. Books of hidden knowledge and dark powers will be up for grabs along the way. There’s a lot to discover during the journey.

The release date for PC is 5th February, 2013.

The DLC add-on will be unlocked for those who pre-order it before the release date.

There’s also good news for PS3 Skyrim fans, as Dragonborn will also be arriving on the console in February, followed by Dawnguard and Hearthfire, as noted from a tweet by Pete Hines. The exact date for the PS3 version is still unknown.

PC Skyrim fans have the option to pre-order right away. PS3 Skyrim fans will have to wait a bit longer – watch for further information here at NFS as details come out.

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