Steam Gauge Updated: Measures & Values Your Gaming Library

SteamJonathan Prusik, a web developer from Boston, has updated his very useful online tool for Steam users called the Steam Gauge.

Aimed at PC gamers who frequently buy and download discounted titles off of Valve’s popular digital store, the Steam Gauge tells users the amount of memory needed to install a game onto a hard drive.

All the user has do to is enter his Steam ID and make sure it’s viewable to the public.

Steam only tells shoppers the install size of a game after the purchase. It’s easy to see how this web app could come in handy. Especially considering game installations can require a hefty amount of space.

Steam Gauge also calculates how much your Steam gaming library is worth. Handy for those wishing to see how much money they spent during Steam’s hectic game sales and wanting to know if they got a good deal.

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Steam Gauge Updated: Measures & Values Your Gaming Library
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