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Heat: A Game of Lying, Stealing & Laughing

Photo by Teresa Jackson

Heat is a heist card game for three to five “enterprising individuals,” also known as thieves, from designer Dave Chalker and Asmadi Games. It plays in 20 to 30 minutes. It’s available now at the company’s website and for preorder from several major board game retailers. How it works:  Players are dealt five cards each, but they aren’t allowed to ... Read More »

Nintendo To Shutdown Club Nintendo Rewards Program


Nintendo has decided to shutdown its reward program “Nintendo Club”. The reason? They say they are changing the customer experience for their gamers. The program has had trouble attracting customers. Many gamers neglect the program and just play the consoles. The program allowed gamers to earn digital coins that could be used to purchase loyalty rewards such as T-shirts, souvenirs or even games. ... Read More »

Verizon Vehicle – Security and Assistance For The Masses


Verizon Vehicle brings cutting edge technology to over 200 million vehicles currently on the road. Unveiled at the North American International Auto Show, Verizon’s new service aims to modernize traditional roadside assistance offerings, while also enhancing driver safety, convenience and savings. “As one of the largest communications companies in the world, we are dedicated to providing consumers with innovative technology ... Read More »

Discounted Retina 5K iMac Available on Apple Refurbished Store


The Retina 5K iMac is now available in the ‘Apple Certified Refurbished‘ section of the company’s online store. Apple announced the Retina version of their iMac in October of last year. The new model combines Retina screen resolution technology with the popular Apple desktop. The Apple Certified Refurbished program recycles used devices, such as iPods, iPads, and Apple notebooks and desktops, and sells ... Read More »

New On Spotify: George Ezra, Fall Out Boy, Marilyn Manson & More

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Spotify is streaming several new albums this week. George Ezra’s album Wanted on Voyage is streaming only in the U.S. The project includes his hit “Budapest.” The young British singer sites sites Bob Dylan among his influences. He is on tour, and nearly all of his U.S. performances are sold out through March. Fall Out Boy has been offering singles from ... Read More »

2015 AFC Championship Patriots T-Shirts & Hats On Sale Now

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The New England Patriots just won the 2015 AFC Championship game and t-shirts and hats are already on sale online and will be in-stores starting tomorrow. Sports Authority and  Dicks Sporting Goods both have t-shirts and hats already available to order. Amazon  is also expected to have merchandise after the game, but a representative from the site could not confirm how soon they would be available. ... Read More »

X-Files Game, Hanabi Deluxe, Firefly Reprint & More In Stores


The X-Files Board Game from IDW and Pandasaurus Games is available at Funagain Games for $47.99 and for preorder at for $39.99. All of the two to five players except one work together to defeat the Cigarette Smoking Man, played by one person alone. The deluxe edition of the award-winning Hanabi is also in stock at Funagain Games, and is selling ... Read More »

2015 NFC Championship Seahawks T-Shirts & Hats On Sale Now


The Seattle Seahawks just won the 2015 NFC Championship game and t-shirts and hats are already on sale online and in-stores. In Seattle the Pro Shop at Century Link Field (800 Occidental Avenue South, Seattle, Washington. 206-682-2900) will be open and have a limited number of shirts available immediately following the game. Melissa, an employee of the store told  News ... Read More »

Cutting The Cord: More Cable TV Alternatives On The Way


Net TV is becoming more and more of a norm in many households and internet users as of recent. Approximately 55% of US households subscribe to a streaming TV service such as Netflix or Amazon’s Prime Instant Video. As a result, cable and entertainment companies are beginning to develop similar services. Dish Network has begun creating a stripped-back subscription of their ... Read More »

Rattlebones Offers Intriguing Dice

Photo by Teresa Jackson

Rattlebones is a dice game for two to four players ages 14 and up from Rio Grande Games designed by Stephen Glenn. What sets Rattlebones apart is that players can change the faces of their dice throughout the game. How it works: Players have three monkeys they can move around a board, which has cards every other space, so the board always ... Read More »

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