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Flickchart Is A Great Site For Film Lovers

FlickchartLargeIcon is a fantastic free website for film lovers. Ever debated with friends which of two films is better and not been able to make a decision? Flickchart forces you to make those choices over and over again until a list of your favorite films is created. Created by Nathan Chase and Jeremy Thompson, and worked on by a legion ... Read More »

Amazon Officially Launches ‘Kindle Unlimited’


Amazon has officially announced the launch of its new Kindle Unlimited subscription service. Yesterday, the company posted a short-lived announcement banner on their website, which was soon taken down for unknown reasons. Users of several online forums posted details about the service, but those too were eventually removed, presumably by Amazon. A more detailed banner for Kindle Unlimited has been added to ... Read More »

‘Kindle Unlimited’ E-book Subscription Service in the Works


Amazon is suspected of trialing a new subscription-based Kindle service, giving users unlimited access to the company’s digital library of 600,000 e-books and thousands more audiobooks. The service, called Kindle Unlimited, is believed to become available for iOS devices, such as the iPhone and iPad, along with Kindle devices and likely other smartphones and tablets. Information on Kindle Unlimited was first ... Read More »

Nordstrom’s Best Sale of the Year Starts Tomorrow

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is set to begin July 18. This annual sale offers “amazing deals on new fall styles from your favorite brands,” according to Nordstrom. Everything from clothing, to jewelry, to shoes, to beauty is on sale. Sales include: Women: Designer coats and jackets from brands such as Trina Turk and Vince are up to $240 off retail price. ... Read More »

Blackberry 10.3 Adds New Siri-Like Feature


As the launch for the new Blackberry 10.3 operating system gets closer and closer each day, Blackberry is trying to find ways to create some hype around their products. They’ve finally officially confirmed that with the new launch, Blackberry handhelds will be getting their own Siri-like virtual assistant program. Blackberry has been faced with some serious issues as far as the ... Read More »

Model 3 Is New Tesla Car


Tesla Motors has made up their mind about the new automobile the company is planing to launch. The target price for the car once it’s released into the market is $35,000. The number is meant to be competitive and so is the name, the Model 3. The Model 3 has had a couple of renames before even being marketed. Ford apparently ... Read More »

Codlight’s cPulse Innovating Cell Phone Cases


The cPulse case is a one of a kind cell phone case which allows users to customize the way the back of their cell phone appears. Basically the case is an LED lighting system which allows customers to program the lights to create any lighting pattern or image their heart desires. The cell phone case is just beginning to skim ... Read More »

Phaser from StarTrek – Gesture Remote Control


ThinkGeek has designed and released a wonderful new product for Star Trek fans to embrace. The new product is a gesture based remote control that can sync up with your iDock, Television or even your stereo, among other gadgets. The new product is targeting Star Trek fans and its release couldn’t come at a better time than now, especially with ... Read More »

Rap Genius Becomes Genius


The well known rap lyric website Rap Genius has officially re-branded their service. They reportedly raised over $40 million dollars to setup the new service which they have renamed to simply Genius. The service began by offering the meaning behind the lyrics of songs; you could search what a specific lyric meant in a specific song. For example, someone could search ... Read More »

Neil Young to Lead PonoMusic as New CEO

Pono music player

Neil Young has taken the helm at PonoMusic making him a technology CEO for the first time in his career. PonoMusic is an idea started by Mr. Young which resembles a music streaming platform. Young helped gain 18,000 backers during the Kick starter campaign for the service. The company is designing a portable music player and creating an online store ... Read More »

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