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Parfum: A Game Of Distilling Scents & Selling

Parfum board game

Parfum is a two- to four-player board game for ages 8 and up that plays in about 45 minutes. Designed by Marcel Süßelbeck and Marco Rukowski, this Queen Games title retails for a suggested price of $49.99 but can be found online for about $35. Players take on the role of master perfumers, attempting to distill and combine the scents ... Read More »

2016 Volvo S60 – Sophisticated and Unique

Volvo S60

If you want something different than a familiar German premium sedan, the 2016 Volvo S60 offers better performance and new exclusive models. The standard S60 carries over from last year unchanged. However, two new models join the range and take Volvo, and the segment, into uncharted territory. Unveiling the all-new S60 Cross Country, Volvo owns the only crossover sedan in ... Read More »

PetBot: Smartphone For Pets | What You Need To Know


Your pet is only with you for a small portion of your life. But to your pet, you are his entire life. So wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend your precious time together in constant contact — no matter what life throws your way? Imagine giving your dog a treat while you’re stuck at the office, or soothing ... Read More »

Eminent Domain: Microcosm — The Universe for 2, In 10 Minutes

Eminent Domain: Microcosm

Eminent Domain: Microcosm is a two-player game from designer Seth Jaffee. It’s set in Tasty Minstrel Games’ Eminent Domain universe, but the game stands alone. It takes about 10 minutes to play and its suggested price is $9.95, but it can be found for less than $7 online. But can a 10-minute game deliver “the entire cosmos,” as promised? How ... Read More »

High Command Rapid Engagement: Deck-Building For 2

High Command Rapid Engagement

High Command Rapid Engagement is a two-player strategy card game set in Privateer Press’ Iron Kingdoms universe. It’s designed by David Carl and William Schick. It retails from $8 to $12. High Command Rapid Engagement is a quick-start version of the High Command deck-building game. There are multiple sets of cards available, and the full game can be played with ... Read More »

Bad Beets: A Charming Bluffing Card Game For 2 to 5

Bad Beets bluffing game

Bad Beets is a two- to five-player bluffing card game by Justin Gary, with art by Liz Nugent. It works for ages 8 and up and plays in about 15 minutes. Bad Beets is published by Stone Blade Entertainment and retails for $14.99 but can be found for around $10. In Bad Beets, players are kids at the table trying ... Read More »

Kuerig’s New Campbell’s Soup K-Cups: Don’t Waste Your Time


Pssss… I have a secret. Keurig, the company that has revolutionized the way we brew coffee is now jumping into the soup business. Sounds great right?  Well, maybe it’s just me but it actually sounds like a bad idea, and after taking a closer look I’ve discovered it’s not just bad, it’s REALLY bad. Why? because  you can ALREADY make ... Read More »

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