Report: Harrison Ford To Play Han Solo Again

According to entertainment news website Latino Review in an interview with Fox News Latino, Harrison Ford will reprise the role of Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode VII.

“It’s official. Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars movies,” stated Umberto “El Mayimbe” Gonzalez from the Latino Review. “His deal is done. It’s just a formality. They haven’t really announced it yet.”

Latino Review has broken entertainment news for over 10 years now, covering Hollywood, TV, and even movie trade papers. They have a surprising degree of accuracy with the news they report.

Disney executives have said that they would consider including the original cast in the new film – so the chance of Ford being cast again as Han Solo is likely.

In fact, back in November of last year it was reported that Ford would consider reprising the role if the script handled the character of Han Solo properly.

Harrison Ford never liked the character of Han Solo to begin with, even going so far as to urge director George Lucas to kill him off in “Return Of The Jedi.”

This might be his chance to kill off Han Solo for good.

Disney may have plans to portray an older Han Solo with Harrison Ford in “Star Wars: Episode VII” before shooting a spin-off focusing on his origins as a younger man. However, at this point that is only speculation.

It was confirmed last month that Disney has chosen director J.J. Abrams to direct “Star Wars: Episode VII.” Lucasfilm was bought by Disney last year, and announced that new Star Wars films will be made.

Disney has slated “Star Wars: Episode VII”for a 2015 release.

Do you think Harrison Ford is a good choice for the role of Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars film?

Are you looking forward to another round of Star Wars films, or do you think it’s time to move on?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Photo credit: Lucasfilm LTD

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