PlayStation 4 Pre-Orders – Gamers Eager For More Details

PS4 600,000 sign ups be the first to knowPlayStation 4 is going to arrive in the holiday quarter, but the exact release date is still unknown. There’s a lot of anticipation as it’s going to be last of the consoles released from Sony.

The hardware of PS4 is something that has earned praises all around. The console is going to feature an AMD processor and 8 GB RAM, opening up a world of possibilities for game developers.

A new report indicates there’s a strong demand for PS4, as GameStop, the US based retail chain, has received 600,000 registrations for its mailing list titled ‘First to Know’.

In a statement made to Gamespot, GameStop’s president Tony Bartel revealed that with only some details of the PS4 known so far, gamers are eagerly waiting for more information as indicated by the 600,000 sign ups within a few weeks.

The pre-orders for the console are still unannounced, as Sony hasn’t revealed the price yet.

Did you sign up as well?

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PlayStation 4 Pre-Orders – Gamers Eager For More Details
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