Microsoft To Present FIFA 2014 & Xbox 720 Tomorrow

Fifa 2014 reveal Microsoft at Redmond, WashingtonThe console gaming industry is gearing up for Microsoft’s Xbox 720 presentation that’s going to take place May 21st, tomorrow.

However, that’s not the only thing they’re going to show. The Electronics Arts Sports page exclusive for FIFA 2014 hints the company is also going to demonstrate ‘the next generation of FIFA’.

Microsoft will finally reveal Xbox 720 after months of wait at Redmond, Washington tomorrow on May 21st at a special event.

Apart from Xbox 720, Microsoft is also purported to show games for the device.

The games will be those from third-party companies as well as the internal studios of Microsoft.

FIFA 14 is something to look forward to, considering it hasn’t been demonstrated on any next-generation console and this is the first time it’s going to happen.

EA also confirmed on their Facebook page that those tuned into the event will have a chance to admire ‘next generation of FIFA’.

No other details were given. Stay tuned for more information after the event tomorrow.

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Microsoft To Present FIFA 2014 & Xbox 720 Tomorrow
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