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    Please take a moment to introduce yourself!

    I’ll jump in here and do the same –

    I’m Chris Andrews, the editor of News For Shoppers. I founded NFS with the goal of providing timely, useful and interesting information to shoppers, consumers, and product fans right when they need it.

    I’m a homeschooling dad and am very fortunate to have an awesome 13 year old daughter and wonderfully supportive wife. I’m also a Top Contributor on the Google News Publisher Help forum, where I help and advocate for news publishers, a consultant for several news sites, and a TKD Black Belt.

    Your turn!


    Hi everyone,

    My name is Tracy and I am a freelance writer here at News For Shoppers (and occasional editor). My stories center around consumer deals and entertainment- because I love a good deal and a good show.
    My aim is to bring readers the information they need before they know they need it, keeping them informed and protected.
    I have 2 young boys, ages 4 and 2 and I’m getting married in September, so I’m crazy busy, but crazy is good for creativity. NFS is an incredible place, one i am fortunate to be a part of.


    J.Swindell here.

    I am a freelance writer and aspiring designer who is currently learning photography. I have an associates(in-progress, 2017) in Journalism and Merchandising. I’ve written for many genres but find marketing and social media are favorites.

    When I’m not writing, I enjoy cooking, reading, art and learning how to be the right human for a cat.


    Hi all!

    I’m Carissa, and I specialize in the pet industry — pet product recalls, new products, pet company lawsuits, and general pet care. I’ve used my experiences as a veterinary technician to add extra information to my articles, and I plan to use my new career as a dog trainer to help fuel my articles in the future.

    I currently have a cat named Jerzie and a Shih Tzu named Heidi. :)

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